Sounds Of The Night

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Do people know I lay in my bed at night and listen? I hear a loud crackling.. Maybe thunder or has a bomb fallen to destroy me? With the sound of rain I can imagine water ringlets on a lake that glistens.

The barking dogs seem to talk when everyone sleeps, except for me.

I sometimes wonder what sounds I miss when I sleep.

Maybe the sound of an awoken baby crying at the top of its lungs next door.

Or maybe an insect that sounds no louder than a chicks peep.

I hear all of these wonderful sounds; I need to sleep but I want to hear more! Goodnight, all sounds of the night.

I must now close my eyes.

My dreams will hold so many a wonderful sight.

No more sounds of any kind my friends. Time for a night of peaceful sleep lies upon us.

We have all said our good-byes.