Sounds, Sights and Feelings At the Beach

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Imagine walking on a soft, moist bed of white sand. The cool breeze is gently blowing, the chirping of the birds flying around can be heard in the background. As you look down in the smooth white sand, slightly discolored by the cool, crystal clear water from the ocean, you see thin, snakelike trails in the sand left behind by the gentle erosion from the waves. Ahead of you in the distance is a wet, dark, wooden pier that appears to grow out of the shoreline and enters into the ocean. You stop to admire the view of the colorful, picturesque scene and notice that the pier seems to disappear into the ocean of sunlight. Your feet begin to feel cold and suffocated, and something wet and clammy is oozing between your feet and toes. The soft, very fine grained, sugar white sand is so clean and bright from the sun's rays of light.

In the background you can hear the waves crashing on the beach side, your face and arms can feel the heat from the rays of the beating sun, the seagulls dipping in the ocean searching for the next meal. Just as you look down at your feet a very cold and wet splash of water collides abruptly with your face and a faint childish giggle is heard in the distance. You wipe the water from your eyes, open them and see your child laughing at your reactions while standing to the left of you holding his little red, plastic shovel and red and white plastic pale. As he holds his pale over his arm near his elbow, and clasps his hands together as if in prayer, begs you to come see his sand castle he just finished building. As you walk with him, both of...