The Source Of Equality for all Human Kind

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The main purpose of a government is to protect the well being of its residents. Sex, drugs, gambling, discrimination and fraud are some of the factors that that threaten the well being of the citizens of any government. The first time these "taboos" were broken, citizens realized a need of enforcement to protect the rights of others. Thus, government was born. Obviously, no government can guarantee that the rights of citizens will be protected at all times. Government as a whole, needs to take a step back and notice that they have been enforcing the rights of citizens roughly in the same for the past two thousand years without much improvement. To prove this statement, Christ was persecuted because of his beliefs. Even in the 1960's (around one thousand five hundred years later) Martin Luther King Jr. was persecuted because of his beliefs and the color of his skin. Even today, people of Arab origin are looked down upon because of past incidences such as 9/11 and the mass killing in Russia at a school.

Many of these people came to America for a better life and what they are receiving is a large population of hate directed towards them.

Government needs to reduce the focus on the visible source of violence. This means to ease up on the smuggling of drugs smuggling ect. and to focus on the youth. To make and impact on anything, it is needed to find the source of that problem and work from there. In the beginning it may not look as if it was operating properly but with time it will begin grow and prosper. The United States government unlike all other governments of that time worked there problems from the bottom up and not from the top, down. This takes a lot...