South Africa.

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In South Africa there are many different cultures, but what is amazing is that in South Africa everyone gets along . Because they have three capitals, a legislative , a judicial , and an administrative capital . The legislative capital of South Africa is Cape town . ( located at the southern most tip of South Africa ) The judicial capital is Bloemfontein . And last but not least the Administrative part of the three capitals is Pretoria .

A cool , interesting , and educational fact about general South Africa is the South African flag . Yeah , Yeah , I know , I know it may sound stupid but their flag has a big reason for having a normally uncommon amount of colors on their National flag . The facts behind South Africa's flag is that when it was adopted in 1994 , I t was because of the first multi-racial election held in South Africa .

The flag's colors include black , yellow , white , red , green , and blue . The six colors shown in this flag have a reason for being there . The sic colors are representing the colors used be all six main political parties in the South African government .

Another weird thing that most people don't know about South Africa is that it has four National Anthems . All the anthems are in different languages . "Nkosi Sikelel' !Afrika" is in the language Xhosa . " Morena Boloka Sechaba sa heso" is in Lesotho . " Seen ons here God , Seen Afrika" in Afrikaans . And in English the national anthem is " Lord bless Africa."