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September 14, 2004



The South Beach Diet

Hello reader I bet you are wondering what the south beach diet really is.... right? Well I guess ill tell you since I have nothing better to do.

The south beach diet is a popular three phase diet that works!

The first phase lasts over 14 days.

Over these 14 days you may not eat bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, baked good sand no fruit. Also, no candy, ice cream or beer .When doing this you limit the carbohydrates entering your body. But before you panic you'll eat normal-size helpings of meat, chicken, turkey, fish, and shellfish. You can have vegetables, eggs, cheese, and nuts. According to Dr. Agatston you may also have "salads with real olive oil in the dressing". It is now your job in this phase 1 to make sure you eat and you don't stop till your hunger is satisfied.

14 days later... you have just made it out of phase1 now you are crossing the border into phase 2. (If you followed the plan correctly you should have lost some weight and the average minimum weight lost was 5 pounds.)

Phase 2

You may now drink wine but no other kind of alcohol. Also, now you may eat fruit, cereal, rice and even CHOCOLATE, and Ice-cream. I bet your now wondering why you can eat all of this stuff that was banned from you in the first phase! Well now in this phase you are Reintroducing Carbs to your body! Well now you have all of those little cravings will be made up for and you won't start craving things like every second of the day. And just because you may eat such things that were not allowed to be eaten in the first phase doesn't...