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In 1988 my husband and his family moved to Camden County Georgia in hopes of starting a church. When they arrived in the small town of Kingsland, they rented a single wide trailer and started a bible study group. From this group came Fellowship Baptist Church. As the years went on the church grew; however, the heart of the pastor was changing. He wanted to reach beyond the already convinced and help those seeking God. He made a bold move and started a nondenominational church geared toward the seeker. The church lost many of its followers, but he was sure he did the right thing. Now sixteen years later the church is Southeast Community Church, and is the fastest growing church in Camden County. At SECC you will find three separate services geared toward children, youth, and adults.

After entering the children building to drop off my son, I always notice the walls.

On the right- hand side of the building where the younger children attend classes, the walls are painted with murals of farm animals and farmers. In front of the nursery is an indoor playground for the children. The classrooms are brightly painted in yellows and greens, and the walls are covered in artwork done by the kids in class. There is wall to wall toys and activities for the children to do in each room. After I dropped off my son in his class, I walked to the other side of the building where the kindergarten through fifth grade were having their music time. All the kids were dancing and clapping to the music and having a good time. After the music is over all the kids separate and go to their classes for the lessons of the day. The atmosphere of this building is so...