SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY How one womans southern hospitality got her into a world of trouble.

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Gwenn grew up in Munford, a small town just thirty minuets north of Memphis, Tennessee. She was born and raised a Baptist and had one of the kindest hearts anyone had ever known. When Gwenn was about nineteen she decided to move to Southern California where she would attend college and get her degree in microbiology. By the age of twenty-three she had attained her bachelor's degree in her desired field and began working for a company called Oceanix.

After about six months at Oceanix her career, as well as her personal life, was beginning to skyrocket. By now she had a fiancé and was anxiously awaiting the day of their upcoming wedding. Happy as a lark and still keeping her very charming demeanor, Gwenn couldn't be more excited about the shape her life was taking. She had made numerous friends at work and was well liked by all; plus, she had and incredible man at her side.

She often found herself asking 'What more could a girl want?'.

Gwenn was so well liked in fact, she started hanging out with Pat, her general manager. Pat was also a very kind person and enjoyed the same activities that Gwenn often enjoyed. They went everywhere together and did everything with one another. Soon, without Gwenn's knowledge, Pat was falling madly in love with Gwenn. Pat would call Gwenn every evening to find out what she was doing and even came over a few nights for dinner since Gwenn's fiancé, Andrew, was out of town on business.

One night over dinner, Gwenn was speaking with Pat about the bulletin board at work. She told her new found friend that the pictures of staff was a nice and personalized touch to the office but that she had...