"The Soviet Union should be responsible for the Cold War, instead of the USA." How far do you agree to this statement?

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After the world war, the world saw a phenomenon that has shaped the world to what we see today, an ice cold relationship between USA and the communist USSR, otherwise known as the cold war. Traditionalists have also thought that the soviets were to be blamed, while the revisionists have always blamed the USA and post revisionists feel that both parties have to be blamed. So who should be blamed for starting the cold war in the end? To a small extent, I feel that the Soviet Union should be responsible for the Cold War.

Firstly, traditionalists think that Stalin's aggressive foreign policy played a part in contributing to the Cold War. From 1945-1947, the communism spread throughout Eastern Europe - Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Hungary were influenced by Stalin to turn to communism. Soviet Troops entered Bulgaria and Hungary, where they used force to overthrow the government and impose communist rule.

Elections held in these countries were rigged so that the communist parties will win. Non-communist Parties were arrested, expelled or executed, thus leading to the dissolution of non-communist parties. Communist states were turned into soviet Satellites functioning under the USSR. More importantly, Stalin backed on the agreement made at the Yalta conference - that free elections will be held for Poland and other Eastern European Nations. As a result, USA viewed USSR's aggressive foreign policy as an offensive move to spread communism through Europe, This bred discontent within the USA as Americans became more skeptical of Russian actions. They saw the foreign policies as a step for USSR towards world domination, breading suspicion towards the USSR. Perceiving that the Eastern European countries were to weak to resist the Communist takeovers by the ESSR, USE hence felt that it was their duty to prevent USSR from achieving World domination.