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English 1c Somewhere Over Levittown Documentarian John O'Hagan creates a bizarre and humorous film involving the residents of Levittown in New York, Long Island. Born in Dublin, Germany in 1968, but raised in United States. A graduate in cinema from the University of New York, he starts to produce his first feature film calling it Wonderland. The first suburban prototype design arose by Architect William Levitt for the Army veterans returning to America's post-World War II housing shortage. Levitt's idea brought construction on a potato field to create thousands of identical "ticky-tacky" houses assigned to residents alphabetically.

"Welcome to Suburbia Ground Zero" the first suburban experiment to commodify the American dream, filling the demand of young, white middle class citizens to apply for Levittown, to raise their families and children in a Utopia. O'Hagan seeks to understand the residents of Levittown live in a place similar to "Leave it to Beaver Land" through conducting interviews with the pioneers of Levittown and the children who grew up there.

By analyzing the dialogue and the cinematic evidence of the residents of Levittown, we can infer that the idea of grasping at immortality gives meaning to their current lives, whom entrap their repetitive lifestyle in "ticky-tacky" box houses.

The first generation of residents in Levittown experience a sense of eternity and youthfulness, since the city allured the idea of Newness. Veterans who fought the Second World War retuned home searching for a utopian society to migrate and leave Lopez 2 their horrific past behind. It was promised a new way of life, and across America, many suburban towns grew, gluing their attention on the new phenomenon of the era. Consider the typical suburbanize town as "Leave it to Beaver Land "...