Space in contemporory culture and everydaylife

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In "The Practice of Everyday Life", DeCerteau pointed out that "space is existential" and "existence is spatial" , that is to say that space locates an existence, and existence is carried out in a place. DeCerteau further explains the notion of space and place in this way: a "place" is the configuration of different static elements in relationship with each other. A "space", on the other hand, is activated by the various interactions and intersections of mobile elements. And thus, in short, "a space is a practiced place".

Dialectics between "space" and "place" form "stories" continually morph places into spaces or spaces into places. These reactions take place on the level of the everyday life, therefore forming the basis for our discussion of the space at the corner of my apartment.

Layout of the living room, kitchen and dining area

The living room, the kitchen and the dining area is made up of a square with the kitchen at one corner leaving the living room and the dining to form an 'L' shape.

The dining area at the corner of the square is demarcated by a wall that separates the kitchen from it with a circulation path still linking to the kitchen. Opposite the wall that separates this space from the kitchen is a sliding glass door that opens up to the northwesterly facing balcony. Standing here, one is offered a magnificent panoramic view of the Melbourne city skyline, especially when the night sky provides the perfect backdrop for the bright city lights. There is a wall with huge windows that allows me to peer into the private spaces of the apartments in the building across the street, should the owners have chosen to have their blinds up at that time. Or perhaps those areas have been deemed...