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Are we funding terrorist?

In the year 2010 a great uprising in the middle east. It started in Tunisian but then spreads to Libya, Syria, and Egypt (about news). However this uprising did not occur spontaneously, it was years of unlawful acts and corruption in the government. The dictatorship that was imposed by the system made people to have unfair wages and unbalance social system. This generated hundreds of chaotic revolts and killed thousands of innocent lives. These revolutions went on for year although by the end of 2013 most of them were successful in change the regions government except for Syria. In this region the constant battle between the rebels and other factions inside the country are more or less occurring in a daily bases. It has been growing extensively and I quote from the New York Times, "estimating more than 100,000 dead and millions displaced." Furthermore a new terrorist group named ISIS came into Power, A well-funded terrorist organization that wanted to control the region between Syria and Iraq.

This threat created an alliance by the United States to fund the "moderate" rebel groups in order to stop ISIS and other anti-west groups from taking over the government system. How does it affect the country? What is bad about funding moderate rebel groups? The response to it is that most of your tax dollars are being sent overseas to give weapons to this rebel groups, moreover those moderate rebel groups cannot be trusted. Some have speculate that they have connections with Al Qaeda and who knows when they are in power what notion do we have that they won't turn against us.

Who are those rebels we're supplying in Syria? They are the FSA (free Syrian army) and other factions who are against Assad's rule but the only...