Spades use of Emotion

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Throughout this book Spade lets his emotions dictate his actions. When he is able to control his emotions during a critical situation everything works out for his benefit. When Spade's emotions boil over it results in violence, but the situations still end up working out in his favor. Many times in the book Spade is able to get himself out of tight situations by his emotional cool. When Spade is being interrogated by Dundy and Tom he keeps his cool; therefore, is able to avoid answering questions that could frame him for Archers' murder. Another situation that exemplifies his cool is when Dundy hits him. If he does not keep cool in this situation he can be sent to jail for hitting a police officer. A different circumstance is when Cairo attempts to attack Miss Brigid O'Shaughnessy. During this encounter Spade emotions take control and he slaps Cairo multiple times.

His emotions really boil over when he is meeting with Gutman, and he ends up throwing a cup on the table. Whether Spade decides to keep his emotions under control or unleash them he is able to handle the situation at hand with minimal problems.

When Spade keeps his cool the situation that he is entangled in always seems to work for his benefit. For example when Tom and Dundy come to interrogate Spade he is one of the prime suspects in the murder of his parter Miles Archer. This is because of his relationship with Archers wife, Iva, "He kissed her mouth, led her to the door, opened it, said, 'Good-bye, Iva,' bowed her out, shut the door, and returned to his desk." (26) He can easily be framed in this situation but his emotional cool gets him out of trouble,

"Uh-huh. I could've butchered Miles to get...