Spain and India's Political and Legal System

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The political and legal system of India and Spain are within the same geographical region. Although these countries are within the same region the challenges and opportunities presented by the existing political and legal system of India are different of those from Spain. India and Spain face different ethical and social responsibilities to their people. Trying to keep within the political and legal system of these countries often times can create challenges for the organizations.

Political and Legal systems in IndiaAccording to the Economist Intelligence Unit (2006) the political and legal system of India is classified as a constitutional federal democracy. This form of government is styled after the British parliamentary form, and its structure and function is modeled by the world's longest and most detailed Constitution. The Constitution was adopted in 1949 and put into effect in January 1950. The basic principles of the Constitution State India as a sovereign, socialist, secular republic, enumerating key human rights of justice, liberty, and equality among the people of India.

It also states India as a union of states made up of 28 states and the division of power between federal and state governments. The Indian Constitution is also specific about the direction in the formation of social policy, mentioned no definition on sanctioned religion, and allows in cases of emergency to the suspension of democratic rights. This same Constitution gives ability to the federal government to fix or modify the state's power and the divisional state borders. The Indian legal and political system is divided into judicial, executive, legislative branches, and power is divided among the three. Their Legislative branch is referred to as the "Sansad." The supreme legislative body, also known as the parliament of India which is a bicameral legislature made up of an upper and a lower house.