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Latin America doesn't seem to get much credit. For years, the world has looked down on Latin America being an area of poverty and shame. The people are looked down upon around the world. Some do not even consider Latin America an America at all. Maybe that is why it is considered the "Other America." Can it even be compared to the world's number one view of an America, the United States of America? Why is this area of the world looked down on? Ever since the beginning of its history, the area was conceived as a project. The people were looked upon as barricades that had to be moved. This has to be a factor in the problems they face. Has the original view of Latin America having been considered a project carried over hundreds of years to be accepted as a worldwide view of today? It seems as though it won't matter how much they improve their economy, or shape their nations, Latin America will never be considered equals with the rest of the world.

When one thinks of a Mexican, one immediately frowns and has a negative view. The Mexican people have always been looked down upon in the world. Mexico is been seen as a nation of poverty with hostile people. When you think of a Mexican here in the U.S. you think of an orange picker or a laborer. You don't give them much thought or respect. They are seen as pests in the U.S. However the past two years, the economy in Mexico has boomed, unemployment is down, and the government has undergone a major change. Mexico is one of the major economic powers of the world, and in Latin America. The people are friendly and the country is a beautiful one.