Spanish-American War

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Kenneth Wong Wong


Mr. Hackett

Section 001

Spanish­American War

Throughout the spanish american war and even before it began, until the end of the

spanish­american war the newspaper had the power to heavily influence the choices people

made. It started with industrial revolution at the turn of the 19th century as the United States

became the number one leading manufacturer and foremost industrial power in the world, jobs

became harder to do and competition for their jobs grew. There were two people who controlled

the newspapers at the time, Joseph Pulitzer of New York World and William Randolph Hearst,

the editor of the New York Journal and they competed in the Newspaper business. Their

competition lead to yellow journalism, which is an exaggerated way of reporting news in order to

gain readership, profits, and influence. The conflict between spain and cuba for cuban

independence and yellow journalism grew during this period allowing the influence of

newspapers to once again grow.

The USS Maine, in havana harbor on February 15th, 1898 caused the Spanish­American

War. To protect American citizens, the USS Maine was sent to cuba to keep out the cuban

revolution or in order words, national security. When the explosion happened, the immediate

question for Americans was whether or not this was done by spain. Joseph Pulitzer, the editor of

the New York World published in February 17, 1898, a newspaper under the headlines "USS

Maine explosion caused by bomb or torpedo?" The question is asking attack or be attacked. The

paper implies that this is all perhaps spain's fault and we either need to attack now or be

eventually be attacked. This was false

Wong 2

actually, in 1976 the navy researchers concluded that the explosion was caused by an

underground mine. The competition for readership fueled up...