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Submission date: 12th of June 2013

Protect A/S

Name: Valdemaras Januška

Student Nr: 187981

Date: 12th of June 2013

Subject: MMHS22-S13

Number of sheets: 10

VIA University College


Protect A/S - Danish owned company, which has existed since 2001 and has grown from being a local company in Aarhus to being one of the biggest suppliers of fog cannons worldwide. Company with its commodity - fog cannons occupied around 95%1 of the market, supplying for more than 402 countries, nevertheless that company has a vision to spread more its range of supplying and the main target at this moment is second largest country by population in the world - India.

Our assignment is to analyze India market from all aspects: Business communication, organization and logistics management, business law, economy, international sales & marketing management including statistic. The country's size alone makes India a major challenge.

At the same time, both culture and business environment are significantly different than the markets on which Protect A/S operates today. That is why we need to make better research off possible bias that company can expect before and after entering this market. Moreover to enter market in Indian, it is obligatory to have very reliable basis by witch company will be able to make decisions.

To analyze properly India market and to identify problems that company can meet during the entering process I will use certain methods and models in every subject mentioned above, also I will explain why I did not used some other methods/ models, in that way my suggestions will be more certain. All this will let me to go into the whys and the wherefores that may affect external and internal factors inside and outside the company. Moreover, my research...