Spanish Language Films

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Spanish Language Films

For my first Spanish video I watched Y Tu Mama Tambien. I saw this movie on Wednesday night with one of my friends from chemistry class.

(a). La Pelicula es muy interesante. La pelicula hablaron muchos de relaciones. La Pelicula es triste y feliz. Julio y Tenoch tuvieron una amistad especial, ellos eran mejores amigos. Pero, en el fin, ellos no vieron al otro mucho.

(b). The film was based on two friends who ended up taking a road trip to a made up place they called Heaven's mouth. They made heavens mouth up so that Tenoch's cousin would go away with them, because both of the boys were very attracted to her. Since they do not know where they are going the trip seems long and many things happen to the threesome along the way. Similar aspects: The film gives you a glance into both tenoch's house and julio's house.

Tenoch's father is secretary of state and has a very nice, high class house with a great view of the city, this is also true of many homes here in the US. However we also have middle and lower class homes here as well, and this was also true in the move. Julio lived in a small house that was not kept up with very well. A member of Tenoch's family was wed, and she wore a white dress, just like in American culture. Along their ride to the beach, they had to stay in two different motels. Both fairly similar looking to many of the hotels I have seen in the united states. Tenoch and Julio went out to party one night, ( the way the narrator describe what was going on ) and some of the things that went on sounded like...