To Spank Or Not To Spank?

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The article, ¡°Spanking facing key legal test¡±, written by Kerry Gillespie from The Toronto Star, talks about the Law wanting to abolish Section 43 of the Criminal Code, ¡°which grants parents, teachers and guardians permission to use reasonable force to physically discipline children.¡± The author explains of this controversial subject matter of spanking children using examples from recent and past cases in Canada.

In my opinion, I believe spanking is critical when it comes to parental discipline, but only up to a certain extent. By abolishing such a law, we are practicing the philosophy of ¡°Sin without consequences¡±; no one should suffer for doing what someone else considers wrong. Physical pain enforces and reinforces the pronouncement of the conscience that a certain behavior is wrong and must be avoided. Other methods of discipline exist, and I believe parents should have the right to follow through with their own values.

Gillespie mentions the case where the 16-year-old¡¯s brother-in-law who taped her naked body to a basement post and struck her several times with a wooden paddle and I believe such a situation is unacceptable and immoral. Such an act represents the brother-in-law¡¯s anger, rather than his intention of love, care and discipline for his sister-in-law.

Studies have shown that many people who were spanked during their growing up years have developed normally. The government should implement such laws to avoid immoral cases as the one mentioned earlier. But when it comes to the question, ¡®To Spank or not to Spank?¡¯ it should be up to the parents and/or guardians.