The Spark

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The escape from reality provoked by the melodic harmonies and the gripping sonancy of a composition. The mind is captivated by illusions. One can become a free spirit soaring across the wide vivacious canvas we call earth. A soul living in the absence of anguish or sorrow so that one's mind can wander into dreams of love, lust, and adventure. A spirit whose eyes have been opened to endless wonders unfathomable to the conscience mind. These thoughts soon elude the mind leaving one inspired by it's pure beauty.

Music is not merely a spark that sets fire to my ingenuity, but it is my passion and it is by this passion that I am inspired. The sweet sound of strings, the course sound of a synthesizer, or the enthralling sound of percussion moves me in such a way that I am driven to compose my own masterpiece. The deeper the bass the more submerged I become.

The more enchanting the melodies the more engrossed my mind is.

Although my passion for music itself ignites my creativity, it is not only the passion for the music. It is the thoughts, dreams, and ideas that the music provokes that is inspiring as well. The sound of music could spawn the plot of an amazing story, thoughts of love, sex, or sorrow. It is like a drug where the high is never the same but is always just as good as the first hit. It sometimes will remind me of life changing experiences, lost loved ones, and women in my life. These thoughts inspire my most involved works. Works that I hope will move others.

I aspire to illuminate the creativity in others through my music. I do not create music merely for profit or attention. I want to use...