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Spartan Plastic LimitedCase StudyProblem Statement:Spartan Plastics Canada Limited is a subsidiary of Spartan International U.S.A. Spartan manufactured extruded plastic parts. Mr. David Angove was the vice-president of the company. It is a small company with only 50 employees, the company manufacturing process is complex, since the company had been improved the manufacturing process from the original to modified, there are still many problems appearing in the company.

The main problem for the company is to facing the high scrap rate and quality of the product. Another reason is the machine breakdowns, every time the machines stopped and restarted will make scraps out from the machines. Last reason is to produce new product will cause high scrap rates. This scrap problem will cause to the continuous flow process as well.

The primary problem is the scrap from both the original manufacturing process and modified manufacturing process. Along with the advancement of technique, Spartan Plastics should concern more about continuous improvement.

Mr. Angove should concerns more about the issues of just-in-time manufacturing and process planning for small batch manufacturing to increase the quality of the product and the profit of the company.

Root caused higher scarp rate is inexperience operators lead to increase the amount of the scrap during the operation. There are ways to help to solve the problems, such as continuous improvement, improve just-in-time system, total quality management and so on.

Analysis:I. Just-in-time systemJust-in-time system is basically in both the movement of goods during production and deliveries from suppliers are carefully timed so that at each step of the process the next batch arrives fro processing just as the preceding batch is completed. Apply to this method that Spartan Plastic Canada Limited needs to guarantee eliminate disruptions, make the system flexible by reducing setup times and lead times. Eliminate waste,