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Throughout the novel Melinda becomes braver and demonstrates that she can become a stronger person. One example at the end of the novel Melinda recounted, "Andy Evans raped me in August when I was drunk and too young to know what was happening… He hurt me. It wasn't my fault. And I am not going to let it kill me. I can grow." (198). This situation is Melindas moment of realization. She knows that she can not escape the memory and she realizes that there is nothing to do about it. It was not her fault and she should not feel guilty about it. These is a crucial step because Melinda shows she is beggining to deal with the rape and tries to move.

onhow to move on when she has to learn how to deal with it through her life and try to move on.

This is Melinda's moment of realization.

She now knows that she cannot escape the memory of her rape and she recognizes that she should not feel guilty. It was not her fault. This quote indicates Melinda's growth in mental health and confidence, as well as the influence that the revelation of her secret had on her. After saying this, Melinda agrees to tell her entire story to Mr. Freeman. She is finally ready to recognize and accept help because she is no longer running away from her memory, and she has turned her loathing away from herself and to Andy, its proper object.