Speak (by Laurie Halse Anderson) Chapter 1: main character description and opinions on story and character.

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Melinda is a very unique student, who has to live her high school years alone. Her old friends stopped talking to her for an unknown reason. There is a small amount of communication between her and here family. The poor relationship between her and the people around her prevents her from sharing her problems and reducing the stress of life. Her situation and position in her social life brings about a period of loneliness and sorrow.

Melinda's loneliness forces her to deal with life's obstacles alone while enduring a feeling of isolation from the world. I do not believe that she wishes to spend the rest of her high school years alone. In fact, she seems to have been very talkative and social before she lost her friends. Her old friends provide clues that lead to this statement. They also give the impression of having talkative and social qualities. However, these qualities have no use for her at this moment in the story since no one wishes to listen to her.

Even her sense of humor is wasted on negative sarcasm because of her loneliness.

There are a few points in the story that give clues about her social status. Mr. Neck, a teacher at the high school, treats Melinda as a trouble maker because of a misunderstood first impression. First impressions are always remembered, which is why he may treat her as a trouble maker until the end of the year when he is no longer her teacher or a major action is taken that proves otherwise. Her ex-best friend lets her know that she hates her. A major event or action must have taken place for her ex-best friend to begin to hate her without listening to her side of the story. The clues...