Speaking in public

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Speaking in Public

Don Carter

Grand Canyon University



Speaking in Public

Introduction: The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines public speaking as the act or process of making speeches in public or the act of effective oral communication with an audience. (Merriam-Webster, 2010) To be effective in the art of public speaking there are other items which one needs to be aware of. A speaker must be engaging with his audience and speak clearly. There are other non verbal issues to consider as well. Your posture or stance, your movements and gestures are just as important as the words you say. In this paper I will be discussing a recent public speaking incident I had and review what went right and what I feel did not go so well.

This past weekend I Attended scout master training for the boy scouts.

Part of our training was for us to split up into groups of 6 and form our own patrol. Each patrol has numerous positions including patrol leader. I volunteered to be our patrol leader knowing it meant that I was to present ideas or hypothetical reports on events to the instructors and other patrols.

We gathered for approximately 20 minutes to organize our patrol, decide on a month's worth of events and report on a hypothetical outing which did not go as planned. We were given 5 minutes to explain the patrol's structure, discuss our planned outings in detail and go over our hypothetical event.

Since I have to speak in public at work and in the scouts the idea of speaking in public did not scare me in the beginning. I did however find myself getting a bit of stage fright as our turn was coming...