A Special Day in the Fifth Grade

Essay by hologram88 October 2004

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It was springtime, I was in the fifth grade, and I was departing for New York City on my class trip. I was thrilled to be with my favorite teacher and on a coach bus for the very first time. I had looked forward to this day since that chilly day in November when I brought home the permission slip and had it signed. Never once was I apprehensive about traveling alone to the city without my family. I was eager to sit with my friends, eat snacks and watch a movie, as the bus journeyed in the busy traffic to our destination. I had purchased a new outfit and I felt ready for the "Fashion Capital of the World."

The theater was enormous and we watched in excitement. The musical 42nd street was more delightful than I could have ever imagined. There were hours of extraordinary entertainment filled with music, dancing.

Are time there also included an intermission with more snacks!

We left the crowds, the tall buildings, the city lights and we headed home in our surprisingly quiet bus. It was an exceptional day in New York City and we were all exhausted. I will never forget that day in the fifth grade, when I fearlessly escaped to the city and survived my experience.