Special Ed. Scenario

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Special Education Scenario


Five Questions

How does the school identify children with special needs? What is the referral process? Is it best-practices based?

Rationale: I would ask this question because of the concern for minority students being placed inappropriately.

Type of data needed: Documentation of the referral/testing process.

Data sources needed: Documentation of the testing/referral process, interviews with teachers and specialists, student records and IEP's.

Results expected: I'm hoping that this will be the first step in determining if children are being placed appropriately and without discrimination.

Indicators: Documents should reflect appropriate placement, teacher and specialist interviews should reinforce that best-practices are in place.

How do case managers/special education teachers and general education teachers decide which children will be mainstreamed and for what? Is it in the best interest of the child? What modifications/adaptations to curriculum are made if and when necessary? How often is the child's progress reviewed?

Rationale: To ensure that special education students are receiving the best opportunities in every educational setting and that all teachers involved are in agreement.

Type of data needed: Student progress

Data sources: Teacher interviews, student work, progress reports, weekly gen. ed/special ed. teacher communication on student's progress, IEP's, student work samples, documentation of modifications made to gen. ed. curriculum.

Results expected: Data should ensure that each student who is being mainstreamed is receiving appropriate modifications and that teachers have ongoing communication about the child's progress and concerns.

Indicators: Children who are mainstreamed should show adequate progress in the general education setting. Children who are not being mainstreamed should have proper documentation as to why they are not.

Are teachers and paraprofessionals offered quality professional development opportunities?

Rationale: Are the school's staff up-to-date...