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Special Education "" Final Exam Review 1999 1. You will be teaching a grade 3 class in September and want to use learning centres. Your class has a wide range of students including: 3 gifted, 3 with reading difficulties, 3 who act out and disrupt. Parents have been very resistant to the idea of centres because of the Grade 3 assessments. To address their concerns, the principal has arranged a Parent Meeting so that you can present your learning centres approach. Outline your presentation. Remember to include"¦ 2000 1. You are teaching a Grade 3 class. You are using learning centres, co-operative groups and "˜hands-on' learning activities. There is a wide range of ability in the class including: 2 gifted students and 1 with LD, all on IEP's. Justify this approach to the principal who wants you to "˜teach to the test' to get better assessment results. Remember to address"¦.

A theoretical rationale for using centres.

"¢ According to Piaget"¦ "¢ use of concrete materials will better aid children in their learning "¢ Fosters problem solving "¢ Self-directed learning "¢ Knowledge creation, "¢ Children learn better by doing "¢ Children are active thinker and teacher must create challenges "¢ Teacher opportunities to invent and discover "¢ Confront children with questions and demonstrations, environmental manipulations "¢ Models and emphasizes new skills, attitudes and values of scientific inquiry "¢ Creates wonder, curiosity and respect "¢ Allows children to have significant voice and decision in the context and content of their work "¢ Nurtures collaboration "¢ Individual accountability "¢ According to Vgotsky"¦ "¢ Learning develops through social interaction "¢ According to Bruner"¦.

"¢ Discovery learning is key to successful learning experiences How this approach can meet the needs of all of your students "¢ LC's can be prepared for students with different learning...