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BENT has been assigned the position of and IMC (integrated marketing communication) consultant for Kudler Fine Foods. Consumer sales promotions are often used to stimulate quick or increased sales of particular products or services by end users. "Although the primary job of consumer sales promotion is to affect behavior, it can (and should) also heighten awareness and reinforce a brand's image" (Duncan, 2004, pg. 461). Special events can be used to support sales promotions, and if the event planned is part of a public relations program it "elicit a high level of brand involvement between a customer and a brand" (Duncan, 2004, pg. 547). The purpose of this paper is for BENT to select an appropriate special event to support a sales promotion for the Kudler brand.

About Kudler Fine FoodsKudler Fine Foods was founded in 1998 by Kathy Kudler who achieved her vision of operating her own gourmet food store.

Kathy is passionate about gourmet food and found that there was limited selection of products to choose from in her area. Kathy believed she could be successful with her store by offering a one-stop shopping experience with a wide variety of products and reasonable prices in La Jolla, California. Since that time, Kathy has opened two additional stores in Del Mar and Encinitas, all of which are committed to providing customers with the finest selection of the very best products available.

Product and Sales PromotionThe product BENT has selected for both the sales promotion and the special event is cheese. Kudler Fine Foods are known for their wide variety of gourmet cheeses of which there are over 250 from 21 countries. Kudler's offers cheeses made from goat, sheep, and cow's milk, and the stores will also order special cheeses at customer's request. (Apollo Group, 2007) The...