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Special Interest groups, regardless of what state, seem to affect the laws and regulations made towards their interest. Whether it's Greenpeace, the oil companies, or the gaming commission in California. The way that Special Interest groups work is that they go to capital hill and lobby the Governor and state representatives to vote and help pass certain laws or initiatives that will be in their favor. They give money to help the political party in favor of helping them out. A particular group that has really worked their way into state politics and started to get what they want is the gaming commission within California. In the early 19th century gaming, such as cards, horse racing and slots were all illegal in the state of California.

However within the last couple of decades gaming has been made available within the state and been a huge money maker in certain areas.

Although at first the gambling portion was limited to cards at first. Recently though, the gaming commission has been able to get court decisions in their favors allowing horse races, if and only if, the horse lot was an attachment to the card house. Also, in 1999 a committee was set up to act similar to the gaming commission of that in Nevada. The gaming commission has come along way and fought many battles in order to get where they are today. They have been able to open card houses, horse racing tracks, and got committees to help give them a bigger voice on capital hill. Even with all these wins the gaming industry still is fighting to have more rights and more games available for its players. For example, card clubs and horse tracks are not allowed to have slot machines within their facilities. The biggest money...