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Important Person Visits School to Speak to Students

Important speaker visits Erindale Secondary school during Education week on April 22nd 2006, to speak to students about choices made in school. The speaker spoke to the students in the Cafeteria for over 2 hours.

On April 22nd 2006 Donald Trump visited Erindale Secondary. The visit took place during education week. Each week the school arranged to have a guest speaker come in each day, to speak to the students about future careers goals.

The Reason Mr.Trump visited Erindale was because he was kindly asked by the Peel Bored of Education, If he could visit a small number of schools during education week. Erindale Happened to be one of these lucky schools to be visited.

On Monday April 22nd, 2006, in the Cafeteria Mr. Trump gave a presentation about goal setting and future career options. Mr. Trump also explained what a entrepreneur needs to accomplish in order to be successful in to days world.

One of the students asked Mr.Trump what is the most important thing needed to run a successful business. Mr.Trump responded "The most important quality in a good business is discipline."

When the presentation was finished Mr.Trump answered any final questions from both students and teachers. Once all questions were answered The Principle thanked Mr.trump for his time, then Mr.trump was awarded a special medial for visiting the school.