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I have been looking into Finance as my area of specialization in the Fisher College of Business. While researching this specific area of specialization, I found that learning and developing certain skills can help me along my way. Developing good communication and interpersonal skills would benefit me in finding a job with a degree in Finance. Many positions in Finance require working with other people, so these 'people skills' would come in handy when dealing with others. Acquiring as many mathematical skills as I can would also better myself with becoming successful in the area of Finance. Other strategies that would only benefit myself would be taking as many accounting classes as possible and gaining personal experience in sales. One looking into Finance should also have an interest in financial analysis and understanding financial structures.

There are many career options in the area of Finance, however three of the main position areas are: Banking, Insurance, and Securities and Commodities.

Other areas include: Real Estate, Corporate Financial Management, Risk Management, Personal Financial Planning, and Marketing. These are some general areas where career opportunities can be found with a degree in Finance. Many positions in Finance deal with funds and cost analysis, investments, and the formulating of credit. More specific career opportunities consist of financial management in manufacturing and distributing firms, commercial bank management, savings and loan management, stock brokerage, commercial bank management, and trust management. There are many different areas of employment that can be attained with a degree in Finance. Common employers of those with a degree in Finance are: banks, financial planning organizations, insurance companies, and real estate brokers.

A degree in Finance would also aid the owner of the degree in knowledge of he/she's own personal financial investments. Having...