What specific influence if any has indigenous religion had on modern society?

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The continent of Africa has many diffenent "religions" some of which have, in one way or another made their way to America. For the most part, African spiritual influence came from Santeria. The evolution of Santeria started mostly in the Caribbean Islands and Brazil. Santeria is more popularly know as "The Way of the Saints". Santeria has had a huge influence on heavily populated areas in America like; New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami. Animal sacrifices may seem a thing of the past, but to the people who practice Santeria their gods have to eat so they sacrifice a chicken, offer up the blood, and then later eat the meat. There are an estimated 35,000 Santerians in America. Voodoo is a large part of the Santerian way of life. Voodoo came with the slaves when they were shipped to the Caribbean to be slaves on sugar plantations.

The people were baptized Catholic when they arrived and their former religious beliefs were suppressed. Indigenous religion has influenced our cultre immensely wheter it is the clothes we wear, the songs we sing, or the food we eat, it somehow has roots back to a time and a place when life was much simpler. The African Indigenous religion of Santeria has a stake in the future of our society and many others expecially in areas with lots of Mexican people.