Specific Population and the Advocate Role

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Specific Population and the Advocate Role

Monique Cone


February 28, 2011

Kara Coleman

Specific Population and the Advocate Role

I would love to be an advocate for people with learning disability. It can be very difficult for someone with a learning disability to use their right and to voice what they want. So as an advocate I would be the voice for these clients. My role would be very important in supporting people with learning disabilities. I would help them with treatment, housing, medical care, and education. If a conflict were to exists with an agency not wanting to help the client out. The advocate would make sure that the company is living up to their own rules. And the advocate would make sure the client would get the right care and treatment with the company.

Enforcing someone with learning disability rights can take up a lot of time and can be expensive.

Advocates should be able to get support from large advocacy organization, like Human Rights Campaign and American Civil Liberties Union. An advocate would also try to find the best school that will help the client with their learning disability because they cannot understand all the rule and regulation to get all the information they will need. We would make sure the client is not being taking advantage of and not being run over. The client will also need the best medical attention to make sure that nothing else is going on with them and to see if they need to be put on any medication (Barsky, 2007).

Under the law each state must provide funding for children with disability. Congress did not make many adjustments when approving the new IDEA in 2004; instead they placed more pressure on...