Specific Population and the Advocate Role

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Specific Population and the Advocate Role

Monique Cone


March 21, 2011

Mary Beth Bova


Specific Population and the Advocate Role

Divorce mother trying to get full custody for her child and wanting the house. This mother is in need of a help from an Advocate. As an Advocate it is their job to assist and fight for the client. The advocate will have to be the divorce mother voice. In this paper, I will show the role of the advocate for this special population group.

As an advocate we have to make sure we listen to everything the client wants carefully. To make sure we get all their needs and wants. Advocate has to educate the client on the issue of divorce and child custody. As an advocate we have to negotiate with all parties, including the ex-husband.

We have to make sure that all agencies the client is working with are following up on all the promises they gave the client. It is the advocate job to make sure everything is going smooth and is in place. We have to make sure that we enforce the client rights (Barsky, 2007).

Advocate has to also prepare a brief for the client and give a testimony for decision makers. Advocate have to make sure they pay attention to the clients demand and support them. Advocate will also represent a client if there's a conference or court hearing. We could also put out a positive attitude to the community about our client to counter negative stereotypes. As an advocate we can also help our client be an advocate on their own behaves. We can help them set up a good goal. Educate the client about the...