A Spectacular Slice

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A Spectacular Slice

By Chase Byrd

Film Critic

Kill Bill is the most amazing film this year. You would assume the movie to say something like, this theater aint big enough for the both of us as it slices through all of the incompetent underdeveloped movies that are coming out at this time. There simply isn't another movie out there that stands a chance at stilling the spot light away from Quentin Tarantino's new brainchild. It's been six years since Tarantino's last movie and he has had just the right amount of time and money to create a legend. He brings back the dark comedy, and intensely violent nature from his last three films, Pulp Fiction, Jacky Brown, and Reservoir Dogs. This over the top exaggeration of Kung Fu, Samurai, and Italian Western, is seasoned perfectly by Quentin's creative, movie making, video game nerd, mind. This movie " separates the true cinema lovers from just about everyone who has another set of values"(Strauss).

So if you enjoy high pass Japanese anime or you're a hard-core action fan this is the film for you.