Speculate at least two environments in which the public sector exsists.

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The environment in which the public sector exsists is wide and diverse.It consists of both the external and internal environments.The external environment consists of such variables as the international environment,the legal and the economical environments.The internal environment on the other hand consists of customers,suppliers,regulators etc.This area is of particular interest to me because of the variety of opinions and views it rouses in different people.There are often questions on the type of environment the Public Sector operates in,To what extent the public sector is affected by the environment,the gravity or intensity of the negative impacts of the environment on the manangement of the public sector affairs.The extent to which the public sector controls and adjusts the environmwent it operates in.

Unlike in the private sectors the Public sector may not experience some of the waves that a privately owned entity may encounter.

In the area of competitors for example,the public sector faces little or no competition. In Zimbabwe Z.E.S.A remains the only supplier of electricity in the country,there are also other monopolistic areas such as water supply that the Publis sector enjoys dominance over without any notable competition therefore in this aspect on the environment it can be safely stated that the public Sector enjoys complete control in the sector. This factor however may have negative impacts on the running of the sector as in the event of Z.E.S.A which has increased it's rates by a walloping 400% which has led to some major industries debating on continued production at a skyrocketing price or complete shutdown on the absence of an alternative source of energy.

The international environment focuses on issues such as the recently and upheld Good Governance in the Public sector. This policy encompasses...