This was a speech where I acted like a councilor in the Legislative Assembly. We had to express why we believed that Napoleon would be a bad ruler for France.

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Napoleon's Rise to Power (Part 2)

Speech By: Javier DuFran (Made-Up Name)

Hello fellow councilors. I have come here today to express my deepest regrets on what has become of the republic because of this greedy military commander, Napoleon Bonaparte. If he becomes dictator and emperor of France, in a second he will destroy all the work that has been done during this revolution. All those battles and the deaths of so many young French men will be for nothing, just because Napoleon believes he can push us around and style a military takeover. If he will not leave peacefully then we will fight to our deaths to get him out. As Maximilien Robespierre once said, "It is necessary to stifle the domestic and foreign enemies of the Republic or perish with them." He was a great revolutionist that was too easily won by power. Napoleon will fall in a different manner though, he will take over France and lose to the coalitions against us, although he is an exceptional military strategist, he will not have the supportive army, because he ruined everything they have been looking forward to.

If Napoleon wants to help the republic of France, he can become military advisor, and help us defeat our foreign enemies. Alas, I cannot see him as anything else but in a military position. When he tries to take over I will not standby and watch this aspiring nation crumble into a dictatorship once again. I will die before the republic of France is diminished. Javier from bondage will deliver Javier. Who is with me! Stand up in your seats and proclaim your loyalty to the French Republic! We will shake him or worse days endure!