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Comparison of speeches:

Martin Luther King - Steve Jobs

Everybody knows that motivational speeches are used to encourage people and all of them are based on the emotional joint between the exhibitor and the audience. In this set of materials, both leaders find that emotional link with the people, however, the structure and energy applied is undoubtedly different.

Steve's speech is based on his history. Dividing the parliament in three parts, he tries to show what he learned in his life. Jobs uses a simple structure with an intense content. However, the way he uses to speak let the audience understand easily. He shows one more time his ideologies applied in the first Apple Macintosh computer; intense content but easy to use. On the other hand, Martin Luther King (MLK) uses a structure more complex. He is speaking with a nation, and therefore, he uses the nation's history. His goal is to show people the way to face racism.

MLK represents the road in six different phrases that he repeats roundly in order to explain each stage of the road: "One hundred years later" (represents the past); "Now is the time" (represents the present); "We cannot be satisfied" (Explains, this is the way); "I have a dream" (represents the future); "With this faith" (why to take this way), and finally; "Lets the freedom ring" (represents the end of the road). This kind of structure is more specific, complex and requires a more intense energy.

The energy they use must be different, due to the messages they want to give are not even similar. Steve Jobs wants to show that his experience gave him temperance and peace. Furthermore, he expresses that he already fought his battles and is just telling the history to show to youthfulness the most important details learned.