This is a speech directed to the audience of the 2003 Academy Awards arguing that feature films are made for money, rather than entertainment.

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"Ladies and gentlemen, I come before you all tonight at the 2003 Los Angeles Academy Awards to tell you this: You're all a bunch of fakes. I think it's safe to say that there is not a sincere person among you- you're all living a lie. None of you are real people, you're all personas given birth to by agents and nurtured by the media. I doubt that in the sea of award winners and nominees that are assembled in front of me, that there is a single person out there who knows him or herself better than a four page glossy article printed in the latest trashy tabloid.

"Now tell me, truthfully, was that entertaining? Was it fun to sit there and be criticized? No, of course it wasn't. Whilst I myself do not believe a word of what I have just said, we all know there are many who do.

I could have stood behind this podium tonight and showered you all with compliments and accolades. I could have announced to the world that you are all the darlings of the hoi polloi, revered by the masses. The truth is though, that this is a lie. There are those out there who dislike, even despise you simply for what you are. This may not be entertaining, but it certainly makes you think.

"This, ladies and gentlemen, is precisely my point. We are all gathered here at this awards night to celebrate the films that made us laugh, made us cry, made us sit on the edge of our seats. In other words, they entertained us, and do you know why? These films appeal to us because they are easy to accept. They do not challenge the set of beliefs that society has placed upon us; the good guys...