A speech disputing the electoral college

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Sorry if its hard to fallow, i didnt write this out formaly, this is only my notes


        For a moment let's use our imaginations. Lets imagine we are playing a basket ball game. Let's suppose at the end of the game our team scores more points than the other team, but the other team scored more 3-point shots. Would it be fair to declare the other team the victor even though we clearly had a higher over all score? The most obvious answer to this in "No." Then how come in the good ol' US, a presidential candidate can receive the most votes by Americans yet loose the election? The answer, the antiquated institution we call the electoral college. I was not fully aware of how truly unjust the Electoral College is until I did my own research into the subject. Through a look at the Electoral College, some of the problems with the system with examples from the 2000 presidential elections, and finally a proposed amendment to the constitution, I hope to persuade you that the Electoral College should be eliminated.

        Transition: okay let's begin with a quick look why we have Electoral College and its popularity.

The framers of our constitution were faced with a difficult decision. They had the exhausting task of trying to find away to elect a president. After much debate and compromise they settled on the Electoral College. Because of the lack of national campaigns, the Electoral College may have been a good thing over 200 yrs ago. However, today we have transportation, allowing candidates to campaign across the country and we have nationally televised debates, which inform the population of the issues of the candidates. . It has been proven that Americans today do not agree with the way their president is...