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The definition of the word ghost is "a disembodied soul of a dead person haunting the living." Some people believe in ghosts, others don't. One lady who did was Sara Winchester who thought she was cursed by ghosts. She spent 36 years of her life, until she died, building a house large enough to hold all the ghosts who had been killed by Winchester rifles, which her son manufactured. Using her $20,000,000 inheritance, she brought a house in Santa Clara Valley in San Jose, California. Some believe that she built the house in a confusing way so that the spirits wouldn't be able to find her and seek revenge. Every night she would sit down at the stroke of midnight, at a table set for 13 diners even though she was the only one. There is a rumor that would never give her workmen the day off, because she was afraid that the day she stopped building would be the day she died.

After many complaints, she finally gave her staff a day off and that was the day she died. Another of one of the supposedly, most haunted places in the world is the Bachelors Grove cemetery in Chicago. Surrounding the cemetery is a lagoon, which was used by criminals of Chicago as a place to stash bodies. One of the most common ghosts found here is "the white lady" who has been seen wandering around the cemetery holding a baby. Another of the most famous ghost seen at the Bachelors Grove cemetery is a woman sitting on a grave. This account has been made so famous as it has been caught on camera. The photo shows a transparent image of a woman sitting on a grave and staring out into the woods. Another cemetery that is supposed...