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Dressed in a long white dress, which swept the floor like a soft summer breeze and courageously sporting pink hair which matched the hot color on the well manicured nails, this member of the bridal party captured everybody's attention. This was no ordinary wedding because I'm not describing the bride. The focus of this was the cross-dressing, rainbow coiffed, rebounding machine that plays basketball in his spare time Dennis Rodman!

The 6'8", 220 pound Dennis Rodman was born on May 13th, 1961 in Trenton, New Jersey. He paints his nails, changes his hair color every day and before every game and worst of all cross dresses. Dennis Rodman is definitely unique. Some may find him a bit weird or freaky, but why? Isn't it normal for someone to dress up in a wedding dress and pretend to be their own bride? Isn't it normal for Madonna's male friends to borrow her clothes? Why is Dennis Rodman so different? I think because he didn't have a father to help raise him, only his mother.

And today's society places rules and restrictions upon everyone, resulting in a world of look-a-likes and do-a-likes. Today's society tries to take individuality away from each person. Some people feel threatened by new ideas and the unknown. Many feel that everyone should be like they are. Most individuals grow up to be narrow-minded robots. They do as they are told. They don't want to "step on toes." They just want to "keep the peace" and won't take an honest stand on anything. That's where Dennis Rodman shines. Dennis has insisted on being an individual, free to make his own choices. He's not a follower; he's not a leader. He is himself. He is Dennis Rodman.

Dennis Rodman is one-in-a-million, both on and off the basketball...