Speech by John Kerry's Daughter : 2004

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In the speech John Kerry's daughter gave at the 2004 National Democratic Convention, she tries to appeal to peoples feelings. She gives the example of when she was a little girl and they went fishing. When her hamster fell into the water, presidential candidate John Kerry tried to save its life. He jumped in the water and went to the extent of giving the hamster mouth to mouth resuscitation. She then went on to explain the love her father has for this nation.

John Kerry's daughter was trying to persuade others to think of her dad as the ideal presidential candidate. She probably explained the story of the hamster and Kerry trying to save it to compare it to what others are saying about him when he served during the war. Many people are saying that he didn't really do his part and that he didn't save many others, but by his daughter telling the story, she is basically saying: If my dad would save a hamster, why wouldn't he save and try to help out others during a war.

She uses logic.

She then also explains the love her dad has for this great country. She is trying to get one to think that he is the man for the job of president because he would do anything for the country. In this situation, she is trying to appeal to the people's feelings.