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Have you ever had a night that you woke up about three in the morning and could not go back to sleep? I have experienced those nights many of times. Sometimes even worse then that I have gotten into bed and laid there staring at the ceiling till the alarm goes off. Insomnia is a very common problem for many people, you may not hear a lot of people talking about it but it is happening every night to millions of people all over. There are many ways to fight insomnia or at least try to make it less severe on your self. Here are a few examples on how to try and fight insomnia, if these do not work then there are many more for you to try.

First question, what is insomnia exactly? It is a constant loss of sleep, causing severe sleep deprivation. There are three major categories of insomnia.

First you have Initial insomnia which is when you have difficulty falling asleep, it may take you thirty minutes or more to actually get into a sleeping state. Second, you have Middle insomnia which is when you do not have any problems falling asleep but, you wake up on and off through out the night which gives you a broken sleep which is not as satisfying as a whole night sleep. Finally you have late or terminal insomnia which you wake up after less then six hours sleep and are unable to go back to sleep.

First, you should minimize your caffeine intake throughout the day, also your alcohol and tobacco use before bed. . Caffeine is something that people use all day to keep themselves going at work, and if you are having a lack of sleep it helps you feel alive. I?m not a coffee...