Speech : The Preservation of our Rainforests

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Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for lending me your ears, my name is Elizabeth Dodson and I would like to take a few moments to discuss with you a very serious issue that we should all be concerned about: The Preservation of our Rainforests.

We have succeeded in polluting the atmosphere with our man made machines and toxic gases, torn apart the beautiful land and wooded areas to pave paths for our convenience of transportation, and continually we pollute the land and waters with non-recyclable materials. There need to be some drastic changes in place in order for there to be anything left for future generations.

The case of Easter Island shows that humans depend on the environment and that the environment can be permanently altered by human development. The two elements are interconnected, the recreation and cultural pursuits of a society cannot overwhelm the survival components of it.

Namely, food production should be of high priority, as without this element as well as clean water the inhabitants cannot continue to survive. Additionally, living on an island poses a particular challenge as if the current local area becomes uninhabitable it may be difficult or impossible for the entire population to leave and take residence elsewhere. With Easter Island its isolation also cut it off from many plant and animal species to begin with.

We as humans need to be conscious of how our actions effect the environment, even indirectly in order to maintain a usable living space.

For broader implications with the entire world, the Easter Island case may provide a warning sign of the devastating effects that overuse of the environment can cause.

Taking from nature is no longer an option; we are killing off nature just to appease our own greed. We take from the...