Speech report and presentaion about how to kick a football and the back ground.

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Informational Speech


A. Can any one please explain why kicking a football is difficult?

1. Think about, you basically kick it hard and swing your leg up so that the ball carries over high, Right?

B. Can you imagine your self being a professional kicker and playing in the Super Bowl with screaming and booing fans. Adam Vinateri

C. People don't really under stand that kickers are put in crucial situations and go through a tough process to get prepare for these situation that consistently occur through out the game.

D. In the next few minutes I can help explain the importance of a kicker. We will go through the art form of the kick as well as the mental preparation as the kicker prepare for his approach and finally the kicking motion were the foot make a solid contact at the weak point of the ball.

II. Main Body

1. Art form

* Mechanics

A. Kicking.com the guide

1. Toe point to Soccer style

2. Side Approach

* Foot attire

A. My experiences with this problem and other kickers problems

1. Soccer shoes to football shoes contrast

2. Mental Preparation

* Concentration

Ex. Adam Vinateri and his story

1. Helps to work under pressure

2. Helps to motivate Zone blocking

* Zone blocking

Ex. Martin Gramatica

1. Avoids vocal distraction

3. The kicking

1. Every one has their own style and approach but its all the same idea

A. balance

B. momentum

C. Leg drive through the ball

D. solid contact

E. Follow through

F. Elevation of the ball

III. Conclusion

A. Does any one still believe kicking is hard ?

B. Its really not that hard to kick a football, the more your practice, the better you get kicking the football. The art form mental as well...