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Don’t we all want to know what rules really stand for in the world we live in? Etiquette, protocol, laws, and formalities are just naming a few. The majority of us obey the rules and laws set by our government today because it is essential to our surroundings and our own safety.

I personally believe that rules are exceptional. In some occasions, for example, in a football game a referee is the perfect thing to have because you know if you do something, wrong as in committing a foul will get you punished. You may get away with it but it hardly ever happens. Well the main point is that if you do something wrong under any circumstances, there are usually consequences.

However, are laws there to protect us from others or ourselves? For instance, let us say you were saving up for a car. You buy it; the law says that the car is yours to keep.

What if someone really liked your car? Could they just steal it from you? Well they could, but that is against the law. Luckily, there are consequences for these criminals such as jail.

Some wise man once said, “Life's a game, all you have to do, is know how to play it.”The ones who usually take risks to challenge the morals, formalities, and ethics of our nature usually are caught doing something foolish.

If I went up to every single one of you and said, “here is my phone, take it, it is yours to keep”. Most of you would say “really” or “are you serious”. When people are offered something like a free cruise to the Caribbean, people usually go on it. Even if our mothers have taught us not to except things from strangers, we see these as...