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The Central Idea for my speech is that there are a lot of differences between living in a larger city than a smaller city like Natchitoches.

How many of you have ever lived in a really big city? .... I don't mean somewhere like Alexandria or Monroe or even Natchitoches, I mean a big city. I grew up in Denver Colorado. My mom and dad were from Winnfield, but before my parents got married, my dad joined the Air Force. While I was a baby we lived all over the world. We have lived places in a lot of places like Italy, Germany and England. But when I was 3 years old we moved to Denver. I was in the seventh grade when my parents decided that they wanted to move back to Winnfield to be closer to family. That was a really big change. The middle school I went to in Denver had over 3000 kids in it.

The school I would be going to when I got to here had about 300 all together. That itself was a huge change. The neighborhood I lived in then had lots of houses and people all around and you could walk 2 minutes and be at a shopping center or mall. The house I would move into would be a mile from anyone and I could forget about walking to the mall, it was at least and hour and a half away. It was a big change moving from Denver to basically out into the sticks. There are a lot of advantages about living in a big city like Denver. For one you can walk almost anywhere and in about 5 minutes be at a shopping center. The schools, contrary to what people think where a lot safer. All...