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Ladies and Gentlemen today I'm here to speak to you on the topic of journeys. Journey can mean a lot of things. Some people like to call a journey by a different name; expedition, jaunt, pilgrimage, passage and the list goes on, but I think journey still remains the most powerful and best descriptive word. Today I'm going to focus on the physical side of the journey. It can be more then just the movement from place to place, it is more like a vehicle to other journeys, for example a physical journey can result in you having an emotional, spiritual or inner journey which all help to shape a persons character and views on life. This idea relates to a poem by Robert Frost called "The Road Not Taken" one of the verses "Yet knowing how way leads on to way" relates to going on a physical journey and having these other journeys branching off from the original journey that you have undertaken.

(Way leading on to way)

Physical journeys can be a trip to the shop down the road or travelling around the world, each having the potential of being equally influential. A song by Paul Kelly called "from little things big things grow" tells the story of Vincent Lingairri, an Aboriginal man whose land was taken by Lord Vestey. Vestey was a rich British cattle farmer who employed Vincent and his tribe to work on his cattle farm. He paid them nothing but rations. Vincent decided he didn't want any part in this and wanted his land back so he walked off the farm and went and sat in the town in protest over what was happening. Vesty offered them a proper wage but Vincent said, "We're sitting right here till we get our land", Vestey replied,