Speech for supporting a deserving candidate for student council. In this case my friend Sara khalid.

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Good Morning! We have gathered here today to elect a worthy candidate for the school's student council who can serve the school rightfully.

So in this context, I would like to put forward the name of Sarah Khalid who is currently in the last year of her Ordinary level. The exemplary personality of Sarah is generally eminent in the school and needs no introduction. However, in order to authenticate her appointment as a justified member of the student council, I would like to brief you on her achievements.

To begin with, Sarah is an Arien which makes all of us clear of her leadership virtues. This prime feature verifies her of having an easy control over her fellows which is necessary for any representative of a class. Sarah has always been gentle soul to everybody however she can aptly come into action if the need be.

She has an absolute command on her language which helps her in not only speaking in public but also to convince people concerning her requests that is to say she can produce valid reasons to support her requirements.

Sarah has a number of victories under her belt through diverse competitions. Of foremost importance are the extempore declamation contests and the spelling bees in which she has from time to time represented her class and school. She was also successful enough to represent Pakistan recently in China where she was sent as a spokeswoman for the Pakistani schools.

Though she has excelled in academics, she also takes part in sports actively. Her core passion is tennis which she not only plays for leisure but also professionally for she has been a member of Lahore's junior female tennis team.

Though she does not take an active part for charity causes due to her academic engagements,