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4 minutes total Don't take it lightly Speech is a natural part of our lives. We use it to communicate with each other. We sometimes even talk without even thinking about the origin of the word and what the word really means. Words have many different meanings. But there is always the bad side to words that can hurt someone, threaten someone, or even make them feel uncomfortable. In the modern day there are a handful of phrases that just shouldn't be used or taken lightly.

I. Words that threaten a. Examples: Do you want to die? I'm going to kill you. I'm going to beat you up.

b. Consequences: charged with a class 1 misdemeanor (6 months in jail & $2500 fine) c. My experience: Suspension, words said d. Other experiences: A Canadian student wrote essay"¦..

e. Other experiences: An Arkansas first grader suspended"¦"¦ II. Words/Phrases not to be taken lightly a.

Examples: You're a fag, you're a loser, you're so gay, that's so gay, you're a homo b. Literal meaning of the word homo: same, suggesting person likes same sex Literal meaning of the word gay: homosexual preferences c. Effects on the gay community: saying the curse is saying it's not something to be proud of III. The problem a. 25% of high school students in the U.S. fear in-school violence due to threats b. 1 in 6 teachers have been victims of threats in school involving the words kill and guns c. 57% of all suspensions nationwide are a result of student threats d. BOYS: account for 71% of suspensions e. 83 % of victims to threats are males f. What society says to blame: video games, movies, parents IV. Effects a. suspension, expulsion, arrests, fines b. feeling not safe at school, intimidated c. fighting, unnatural adulthood d. In the future: many of these words/phrases that are offensive now will forever disappear or will change with time.

After addressing the facts you may have realized we have a problem in our society: watching what we say. You have heard how the things we say can be hateful of the gay community or other ethnic groups. We all have used some of these words in our lives, maybe once, maybe on a daily basis. We all know it's wrong so the next time you think about saying some of these things just remember that some of us aren't going to take it so lightly.